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© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 14529729: SHORT NECKLACES        slide show
Treasures Of An Ancient Wanderer

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 14838369: LONG NECKLACES        slide show
Myths Of Adornment

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 14490981: RINGS        slide show
Adornment Of The Spirit
Big, Bold, Chunky, Sparkly

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 11852781: STACK OF BRACELETS CHUNKY BRACELETS        slide show
Embellishments...Great for stacking multiple bracelets!

EARRINGS        slide show
Fossils And Fragments
Soon...more on their way!

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 14841880: CUFFS        slide show
Bands Of Antiquity

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 11251713: UNSEEN POSSIBILITIES (FRONT) HANDBAGS        slide show
Cornucopia of Materials

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 11203011: ASTRAL SIMPLY CHARMING FOR BELTLOOP & HANDBAG        slide show
Hang them from your handbag or beltloop

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 13742250: ARTFUL BACKSPLASHES        slide show
Backsplash Creations I've Made From Ancient Fossils and Gems of the Earth.

© Allison  Bellows PhotoID# 11212818: FOSSILS, GEMSTONES, CRYSTALS, GEODES        slide show
Earth's Bountiful Treasures


© Allison Bellows

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